M&M’S Premiums

For the M&M’S Premiums product launch, our client wanted us to convey '‘the fun of feeling fabulous’' to an audience of 18-34 year-old '‘savvy social’' females. We were also tasked with tying in closely to the TV spots and featuring the M&M’S character Ms. Green.

Our research indicated that a savvy social desires insight into herself, and wants to be able to share and compare that insight with her friends and receive information tailored just to her. With this in mind, we created the '‘how are you fabulous?’' quiz, with five results that tie loosely into the five flavors. Users can take the quiz and visit any of five '‘flavor rooms,'' where Ms. Green offers personalized tips for living ''la vida fabulosa.’'

Matching the voice and tone to sassy, sexy Ms. Green (while staying within the confines of a very skittish legal department) was a great challenge – but don’t just take MY word for it! Check out the full experience at mms.com/us/premiums!

Mars Snackfoods

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